Calls to Action

Call for Shamanic Artists

For The Medicine Show.  We are currently working on a performance art show to support the important work that the Traveling Shamans do.

The long term vision for the Medicine Show is fluid and ever-changing as the show organizes performances.  The cast members of this show are expected to also be ever-changing as we evolve and people rotate in and out of roles and sponsors and patrons change. Short term, we plan to do a music video with dancers and artists all on scene. Our goal is to have this show actually be "medicine" as we pull in the power of music, dance and painting to communicate on a soul level. We'd like this show to pull on all the best aspects of the Fool archetype. Tarot decks show him with a knapsack on his back and his little dog traveling into the unknown. Actually many decks show him walking off a cliff into another dimension just as shamans and artists have always done. We believe art heals.

Many artists have already joined us on an informal basis.  We are meeting for the initial planning meeting on Jan. 2nd at 11am in Grand Junction, but you can join online. Please RSVP your intent to join at the website.  Join and follow this project at: www.ShamanicArts.Studio,  or book a Visit with Julia to discuss this more.

The Artist as Shaman

“In the mythic tradition, both artists and shamans walk perilously close to the realm of madness; indeed, in some cases, their gifts specifically come from journeying into madness, or Faerie, or the Realm of the Gods and then back again.” 

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The Role of Art in Shamanism

By Visionary Artist and Shamanic Practitioner Katherine Skaggs

 As an artist, and shamanic practitioner, I have been interested in the healing powers of art for some time now. Growing up as an artist, I had no idea of the power of art, I just loved to create and replicate. As time has passed and I have grown older I have experienced art as a doorway to healing, and awakening consciousness. And as I stepped onto the shamanic pathway, I began to see how shamanic cultures throughout time have understood the deep healing power of art, and its capacity to express the wisdom of the soul, as well as bring healing to the mind, body and spirit.

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