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I am a shamanic artist and the events and patron coordinator for the Traveling Shamans. My mission is to support the spread of earth based beliefs and practices. It is my strong belief that many of those practices can only be transmitted by personal contact. For this reason, I am strongly committed to bringing shamans to culturally isolated areas where they are needed.

About My Work

Julia is an artist and visionary who is currently working on a performance art show to travel with the Traveling Shamans to and support the important work that they do. The long-term vision for this show is fluid and ever-changing as we travel to isolated areas and festivals following the shamans. The cast members of this show are expected to also be ever-changing as we travel and people rotate in and out of roles and sponsors and patrons change. Short term, we plan to do a music video in Colorado with dancers and artists all on the scene. Join and follow this project by joining the Shamanic Artists group on the groups page. ************************************************************************************************************************************ Julia offers Painting as Meditation as a 2-hour class for $35 or a package of four classes for $100. If you are interested, see our ongoing classes page. Call Julia with any questions at 970-200-LOVE, or book a webcam visit at: http://VisitwithJulia.com.

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