About the Shamans Camp

The Camp's purpose is to provide sacred space for shamanic ceremonies and experiences in Colorado as well as limited camping/lodging for travelers, shamans & volunteers. We are seeking volunteers who like building things. We are fully booked for volunteers for summer 2018. Patrons will be given priority for summer of 2019. 

About the Workstay Volunteer Opportunity: 

We ask that you work 3-4 hours per day in exchange for lodging, food, and the opportunity to participate in all the shamanic activities of the camp including assisting shamans with their programs. Scheduling of the hours will be determined by the demands of current projects. In your spare time, you are free to explore the area, do your own thing, or participate in the activities of the camp. We are so grateful to our volunteers and excited to meet all of the shamanic students and travelers who want to come to the Shamans Desert Camp this summer. We are fully booked for volunteers for summer 2018. Patrons will be given priority for summer of 2019. 

Planned Projects for the Traveling Shaman's Camp:
 *️️ Treehouse *️️ Platforms for tipis * A medicine wheel garden  *️️ Native Colorado desert landscaping *️️  Tiny house for the in-residence shaman * Cannabis grow room & greenhouse.

Book a Visit With Julia to tell her why & when you would like to Workstay at the Shamans Camp and which projects interest you the most.

The Area

The shamans camp is located in a small and unique hillside desert area with a long view across the valley. The camp is is normally only open in the summer May - October. 

We are 420 and LGBT friendly. Hiking, mountain biking areas, and the fabulous red rock areas of Utah are close by. We have bikes to loan and Uber is available. We also have regular fire circles and sweat lodges with local Traveling Shamans, Scott Redhorse and Steve Eagle, Other activities and experiences are also available at the camp.

The People of Shamans Camp

Julia is an artist & visionary - Mike a practical scientist. We are patrons of the Traveling Shamans and a married couple who have been together since 1990. We are working to create a core community to help us with the Shamans Camp during the summers. Julia is a retired psychotherapist who does the supervising and planning. Mike is a geologist and an expert builder. We are also super hosts for the 420 Happy Hippie House, a vacation rental in Grand Junction, Colorado. 

Julia offers the following Experiences at the Camp

  • The Sacred Canyon Walk
  • Painting as Meditation
  • Spirit Guide Collage


Scott Redhorse Barta

Our current in residence shaman Redhorse Barta offers Fire Circle Gatherings and Medicine Wheel Gatherings at the Shaman Camp. He also leads a drumming group on Wednesdays at 7 pm.

Mitch Snow

We now have a videographer & citizen journalist at the camp. Mitch Snow is currently documenting the building of Shamans Desert Camp.

Olivia Martinez

Olivia is our organizing expert. She also cooks and offers Cannabis Cooking Classes for $35 per person.


Camp & Local Events

It's Snowing in Colorado