Friends of the Happy Hippie House in Grand Junction, Colorado earn a $20 discount on Experiences with Julia when they join this group. You will also be added to the Postcards from the Traveling Shamans list. Postcards contain news of the shaman's travels. Photos and booking of the units at the Happy Hippie House are available at and at  Questions? contact Julia at 970-200-LOVE.

Experiences with Julia

Julia who is the events coordinator for the Traveling Shamans offers the following sessions for $35 per person on weekdays only Mon - Thur. You can get a $20 discount on any of the experiences by joining the Friends of the Happy Hippie House group. Contact Julia in advance to book any of these experiences. Funds from these sessions are used to support the Traveling Shamans @ 

  • Painting as Meditation – Immerse yourself in color and form with Julia. No experience needed, all supplies are provided. You will be working on an ongoing painting which - when completed will be auctioned in support of the shamans.
  • Cannabis Cooking – Learn to make cannabutter with Julia and also make infused treats. All ingredients are supplied.
  • Sacred Canyon Walk – Julia will walk with you in a nearby sacred canyon with petroglyphs and crystals.
  • Spirit Guide Collage Cards - Julia will guide you through a meditation and a collage session.
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